10 Most Famous Celebrity Dogs

Dogs are known for their faithfulness and companionship. These docile creatures will go out of their way just to protect their “master”. This is basically why they are referred to as “man’s best friend.” However, not all dogs are the same. Some dogs have attained a celebrity status that even an ordinary person simply admires. The following is the list of the top famous celebrity dogs:

1. Bo –“the first dog”

Just like we have the president, the first family and the first lady, we also have the “first dog.” His name is BO. The Portuguese water dog belongs to the first family “The Obama’s.” The dog was a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy to the President of the United States. Bo who’s valued at $ 1,600 has been featured in four published books.

2. Susan – The Queen’s Corgi

The British Royal Family is celebrated worldwide. Corgis have always been considered the royal dog. In 1944, Queen Elizabeth II was presented with a corgi known as “Susan.” The dog has sired many generations of corgis to date. The dogs have their special rooms and feast on meals that are simply “royal.” These include poached rabbit or chicken, chuck steak and more.


3. Sophie –Oprah Winfrey

Oprah the celebrated queen of talk shows once owned a Cocker Spaniel named Sophie. She owned the small dog for 13 years and often stated that the dog gave her inspiration to become a better person. Since her death, Oprah has owned a couple of dogs and regularly runs posts and updates about them.

4. Tinkerbell- Paris Hilton

Many people may recall the $ 5,000 cash reward that was offered for the return of “Tinkerbell” after a house burglary. Tinkerbell is a Teacup Chihuahua owned by socialite and the heiress of the Hilton chain of hotels, Paris Hilton. The miniature dog has featured in many television channels such as “The Simple Life” as well as a parody titled “The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries.” The dog has also been the inspiration behind the “Little Lily” clothing line.


5. Daisy – Jessica Simpson

Also making the list of the top 10 famous celebrity dogs is “Daisy.” The Maltese Poodle is owned by the American musical sensation, Jessica Simpson. The dog has appeared on stage along the musician a couple of times. Daisy also featured in the reality TV programme, “Newlyweds.” Occasionally, the dog would be carried in a Louis Vuitton carrier.

6. Arthur –Sir Elton John

Arthur is a Cocker Spaniel owned by celebrated British musician and song writer, Sir Elton John. The dog was constantly in the arms of his master when on the red carpet. In fact, Arthur was the “best man/dog” during Elton’s wedding in 2005 to David Furnish, a filmmaker. The dog made special appearance in “The Captain and the Kid” music album.

7. The William Sisters Dogs

Sensational American tennis players are well known for bringing their dogs to their tennis matches. Venus and Serena who have won several championships and at some point been ranked the best in the world have owned several breeds. Venus has owned a Havanese and Cavalier King Charles spaniel, while Serena owns a Maltese and Jack Russell terrier (Serena).

8. Jack –Mariah Carey

Jack is best remembered for being the dog that was restricted from flying first class. The Jack Russell terrier belongs to American songstress, Mariah Carey.” The dog has featured in many music videos shot by the musician. These include “All I want for Christmas is you” and “Dreamlover.” Jack also appeared in “Glitter” the movie.


9. Bit Bit – Britney Spears

Bit Bit is a Chihuahua owned by celebrated musician, Britney Spears. The dog rose to fame in 2004 when the miniature dog made a stage appearance wearing a diamond-encrusted dog collar. The value was estimated to be $ 100,000 at the time. Bit Bit was also a pacesetter when it came to dog dressing.


10. Sid and Nancy –Jessica Alba

American actress, Jessica Alba has owned several dogs. However, Sid and Nancy are the most celebrated dogs she has ever owned. The two pugs accompany her to many events. These include shooting movies, shopping, or simply a walk in the streets. The dogs enjoy privileges such as having a designer lawn and special rooms just for their comfort.


There you have it. The list of the most celebrated dogs. From the above observation, it is clear that achieving celebrity status is not only a human thing; it also holds a special place in a dog’s life. And if the trends in the last few years are anything to go with, we are yet to see the last of famous celebrity dogs.


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