Benefits of Adopting a Rescue Dog

Adding a new pet to your home can be one of the biggest decisions for you to make. Dogs are the most popular pets in US and other countries in the world. Dogs makes extremely wonderful companions. Deciding between a rescue dog and a new puppy is the toughest decision for you to make. If you are considering raising a puppy or dog, you should take time to reflect on what you want, the kind of commitments you are prepared to make as well as what you expect from each. To be sincere, most pet owners prefer a rescue dog, but why adopt a rescue dog?

You don’t need to train them from scratch – most adoption dogs are housebroken and have some training. Training a dog is not an easy task, it can be an expensive and time consuming activity. Dogs that have been raised for adoption are house trained – as they have been brought up in someone’s house. This will reduce stress, time and cost involved in training a puppy.

100% growth – most adoption dogs are out of the early puppy stages. Unlike a puppy which is still undergoing teething, an adoption dog will not be chewing anything within their reach, and are no longer teething. This is a good guarantee that your pet will mature and your furniture will be safe.

Behaviour and temperament are thoroughly evaluated – The greatest advantage of taking adoption dogs is that their behaviour and temperament are thoroughly evaluated by the Animal shelter and Rescue Organization prior to letting them be adopted. If a dog has behavioural problems, the dog is usually sent to an organization with in-house training, or a home that fosters dogs for training. You will get valuable information such as a dog’s personality, temperament, habits and any other helpful information that will help build a better relationship with your dog. In case your dog needs more training, or you want training on how to handle your pet better, such organizations are always available to offer such free services- only if you bought from them.


You get a happy and healthy pet – Dogs from animal shelters or rescue organizations are usually spayed or neutered and have received vaccinations as well. In an attempt to prevent unwanted animals, rescue organizations usually neuter animals. This ensures you get a healthy pet, which will remain happy in the future as it is free from common diseases.

You will have a large selection- animal shelters and pet adoption agencies have many pets. There is always a wide selection to choose from. You can search online for the pet you want by their sex, age, size and breed. This enables people who are searching for pets to do so in the comfort of their home.

You will reduce the unwanted pet population – many people are giving up their pets while too few are ready to take them. When you adopt a dog, you are actually saving a life. At times, animal shelters and rescue organizations are forced to make very hard decisions – to euthanize pets who have not been adopted. The number of euthanized pets can dramatically reduce if more people are ready to adopt dogs.

It is a common misconception that pets that end up in animal shelter or rescue organizations have been abused. This is not always the truth, in fact, most pets are given to rescue organizations or animal shelters because of personal reasons such as divorce, a move, financial constraints, and lack of time or change of personal taste.

Adopting will save your money- a pet from a rescue group or animal shelter is much less expensive than a pet from a pet store or any other source. They are housebroken and have training. This reduces the training cost. It is clear that adopted pets are much easier to train than a pet bought from a pet store.

Pets have a unique way of putting a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Apart from giving you unconditional love, they are physically and emotionally enriching. There are so many benefits of adopting a pet: you will save a life, it is inexpensive, you will get a healthy and housebroken dog and more. You shouldn’t be blinded by the common misconceptions that dogs in animal shelters or rescue organizations have been abused. They are pets that will provide fulfilment, a sense of purpose and also lessen your loneliness.


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