Embracing Sam the Ugliest Dog

Sam and Suzie
Source: http://worldsugliestdogs.blogspot.com.au/2010/06/2003-2004-2005-most-ugly-dog-sam_29.html

The annual world’s ugliest dog contest is a one of a kind competition. The competition is a deviation from the normal societal practices. In a society where the focus is on the most beautiful, the most pretty and the most sophisticated, this contest brings to mind the fact there are others who may be left out. During the competition, dogs are assembled from all walks of life. From the city street to the abusive home, these dogs are appreciated as much as the others that may have the luxury of a comfortable home and good meals every day. It also seeks to understand why owners love their pets, no matter their looks.

Most of the participants have been disfigured by either natural calamities or abusive people who constantly mete out unreasonable treatment to them. Indeed, this may just be the surface of a deeper societal problem. Statistics show that there are millions of dogs across the world that live in deplorable conditions. Most of them are homeless. They therefore fend for themselves and their young ones through difficult circumstances. Organizers of these contests and indeed most people around the world would appreciate that these dogs have an inner beauty. It also seeks to understand why owners love their pets no matter what they look like through sharing their stories and their relationships.

The story of Sam is not only touching but also moving. The three time champion of the world’s ugliest dog competition was eventually euthanized on November 18, 2005 due to a heart complication. He was a blind Chinese crested hairless dog. His situation gained him fame and international attention. What makes his situation crucial is the message that every dog deserves a good life despite their physical appearance or health situation. His owner Susie Lockheed demonstrated to the whole world the essence of care and love to all dogs, not just the pretty ones that families would like to keep as pets. Indeed it is a deep reflection of why owners love their pets no matter what they look like.

Suzie began living with Sam after she had been re-diagnosed with thyroid cancer. After that she had a surgery and a long period of radioactive isolations. She shared her life with the dog during a very trying moment in her life during which she was able to develop a long lasting relationship with Sam. The dog loved her during the chemo sessions. She would sit and play with Sam during this period without feeling judged or being a bother.

Pet personalities are of great importance when trying to understand why owners love their pets no matter their looks. People spend a lot of time with their pets. Pets with good personalities are likely to attract their owners no matter what their looks are. In the story of Sam and Suzie, Suzie talks of Sam as a cranky character and the king of drama. These attributes somehow endear the dog to Suzie. His back legs were off limits and he would not allow anyone to touch them. His behaviour when one went closer to the legs was somehow fun and playful.

The 2014 ugliest dog contest was won by an amazingly charismatic Peanut. Peanut is two years old with a face one may not want to look at again and again. Her origins are unknown. The dog was presented by her owner Holly Chandler from Northern California. She represents the real face of brutality that goes on in homes and in the streets. She was injured by a fire which destroyed her lips and eyelids but has managed to recover. Because of that tragedy, she cannot close her eyes which make her eyes water all the time. In order to change the fate of other abused dogs, the owner plans to use the $1,500 prize money to pay veterinary bills for other abused dogs.

In second position was the playful Zoomer. Zoomer was adopted by Jon Adler from Saving Animals from Euthanasia. Her story is quite touching because she was a couple of minutes away from the Euthanasia table. Jon was thankful to the SAFE organization for saving her life and giving her a chance to bounce back and enjoy this year’s win.


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