From The Ugly To The Beautiful

Nature intended all dogs to be beautiful, but not all dogs are cute to everyone. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Though dogs are believed to be descendants of the wild wolves there are some breeds that are undeniably beautiful, stunning and gorgeous. Yes, some dogs are irresistibly adorable and cute creatures that give us unconditional love. There are many different breeds of dogs and hence when deciding the most beautiful ones we have to take into consideration their appearance (fur, hair and eyes) and temperament also. Let us in this article discuss a list of the most beautiful, cute and adorable dogs that take our breath away.

The world’s most beautiful dogs:

1. Siberian husky: The Siberian husky is touted as one of the most beautiful and gracious dog breeds in the world. This beautiful dog breed has a thick coat that comes in a wide array of colours and markings. In addition to fantastic colours and patterns these dogs have different eye coloration and striking facial masks that add to the appeal of this breed. No wonder their eye-catching looks and awe-inspiring talents have captured the imagination of the masses.

2. Yorkshire terrier: This breed is a beautiful, sociable and hyper-sophisticated small, toy sized dog. With its elegant looks and exceptional devotion to their owners they have won many fans. With a perfect combination of charismatic looks and intelligence, they are one of the popular breeds in the U.S. This breed is glamorous but feisty and makes a loving companion.

3. Chow-chow: This distinctive-looking breed is cute and cuddly with a majestic attitude. He is a loyal, cuddle buddy and very devoted to the family members. They come in different colours of which the reddish-brown is the cutest. No wonder it is touted as a true masterpiece of dignity and beauty. It is arguably one of the most admirable and charming breeds in the world.

4. Bischon Frise: This small breed is a wonderful addition to any family. It grows up to 30 centimetres and weighs five to ten kilograms only. With a happy-go-lucky attitude it loves to play with kids. This cheerful and small dog has a dark-eyed inquisitive expression and a plumed tail that it carries happily over its back.

5. Pomeranian: This is the cutest pet for humans and affectionately nick-named as the Pompom. Pomeranian dogs are known for their exciting personalities. They are indeed bouncy, lively, adorable and truly intelligent. Pomeranians are little dogs with big personalities. Queen Victoria owned one Pomeranian pup after which its popularity grew across the globe.

6. Labrador retriever: This amicable and sociable companion is the favourite dog of many families. These pretty dogs are brown, black or cream coloured. They are intelligent and friendly and have captured the hearts of millions of dog lovers across the world. They are reliable, willing and highly compatible with children and families. They love activity and expect a lot of attention.

7. Golden retriever: Golden retrievers are versatile, friendly, intelligent and incredibly beautiful dogs. No wonder they are extravagantly boasted as a dog with beauty and brains. Their friendly and tolerant nature makes them fabulous family pets. In short it is a beautiful looking dog which is extremely smart and energetic.

8. Bull dog: This is one of the most charming and jovial dogs that you will ever find. They are completely devoted and thrive on attention and love. This sweet, adorable clownish looking dog chooses a particular person and tends to stick to him/her. This fascinating short-faced breed is dignified, adorable and is a loyal companion, especially to children.

9. Great Dane: Though huge in size this breed is a friendly dog with a loving nature. This gentle giant is a very sensitive animal. They are so very sensitive that even speaking in a wrong tone can leave them very upset. It is a majestic, loyal and beautiful looking dog with a big boxy head. They are graceful, strong and powerful and make wonderful family pets. They are often called as miniature horses.

10. Saint Bernard: This dog has been a favourite breed, especially in the United States. They move around well with kids and they are described as enormous looking teddy bears. They are also touted to be highly intelligent. Yes, there are rumors that they can even smell an impending avalanche.


The most beautiful dogs in the world are incredibly charming, cute, gorgeous and lovely. Yes, these dogs are undeniably adorable and wonderful pets.

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