In Remembrance of Sam The World’s Ugliest Dog 2003-2005


Sam the blind Chinese crested pure- bred hairless dog won the annual Sonoma-Marin County Fair, World’s ugliest dog contest in California in 2003-2005 three times in a row. Sam’s ugliness gained him the fame and recognition of an international celebrity. His demise later became headline news on major news websites for quite some time.

Susie Lockheed, a resident of Santa Barbara, and the lucky lady owner, took in Sam as a rescue dog in 1999. Sam enjoyed his celebrity status and earned a role where he starred on Criss Angel’s Mindfreak Halloween Special in 2005 which aired on the A&E Network. Sam played “Angel’s cat” dressed up in a Halloween costume.

Sam was euthanized on November 18th, 2005 owing to heart complications, just after he had attained his 15th birthday. In remembrance of Sam, we seek to pay tribute to a dog who received much attention and focus on his looks, but unknown to many Sam was truly a successful rescue dog story of an animal. No one ever knew that Sam became adopted at the age of eight.

The Story of Sam The World’s Ugliest Dog 2003-2005

Sam’s first owner, owned Sam’s grandmother and had bred Sam and his mother too. Susie the lady who rescued Sam and later became the owner had kept some hairless dogs prior to Sam so she developed a liking to Sam and would stop to say hello, but Sam was never friendly in those times.

When the former owner lost her pet-friendly place, she could no longer house Sam. The dog had to live in the owner’s car for a while, until the owner tracked Susie and asked if she wanted him; Susie agreed and got a 48 hour approved contingency to take Sam.

Sam was snarly and unfriendly, but Susie’s heart got moved by the plight the dog was in, she decided to keep him thinking he wouldn’t last long but little did she know he would last another seven years and change her life.

Sam’s Personality

Apparently Sam was extraordinarily cranky, he never liked his leg to get touched. For Sam, that was where his imaginary friend lived. Anytime he was given a treat, he would check his back leg and then he would attack! Spinning in circles like a whirling dervish wanting to attack the imaginary friend. To get a photo of Sam all you had to do was to just touch his back leg!

Featuring Sam in the Ugliest Contest

One night Susie watched Jay Leno, who featured the winners of the ugliest contest. Susie realized that Sam could surpass all the showcased winners. In a few months, she tracked the location of the competition and enrolled Sam. His first win was a “landslide victory of mythic proportion.” The rest became history as Sam The World’s Ugliest dog 2003-2005 won three times in a row.

About the Ugliest Dog Championship

All dogs are eligible; the competition is a small, old-fashioned county fair contest which has gained recognition. It covers two divisions, pure breed and mixed dogs. The winners from the two categories go on to vie for the title of the ugliest dog that year. The winner then competes against the former World’s ugliest dog champion in the “Ring of Champions.” Sam died undefeated in this feat.

In Honour of Sam The World’s Ugliest Dog 2003-2005

Sam inspired and left a legacy for other funny looking dogs. “Pee Wee Martini” aka “Son of SAM” is another dog who got rescued by the owner from an obscure pet store, the owner said he took him in honour of Sam. Pee Wee’s owner believes he could follow in the footsteps of Sam and have quite a career.

Sam was the ambassador of underdogs and through his fame he brought out the beauty and importance of funny looking and hairless dogs. Any dog can be beautiful with a bit of professional dog grooming to make them smell great and look fantastic. Sam spread his joy throughout and showed that funny-looking dogs are devoted pets too. Sam was one celebrity dog who got to enjoy a ride in a limo, be seen on T.V and even had room service at the Beverly Wilshire ask how Sam would like his fillet cooked! How’s that for a dog and an ugly one at that? Sammie the ugliest dog we miss you!

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