Sam – A Special Contest Winner


The Sonoma- Marin County Fair in California USA is synonymous with the World’s ugliest dog’s competition. The competition features dogs with special features/quirks. Any dog can enter the competition. The competition is an old-fashioned county fair with two categories. The first division is the pure breed category and the second category is the mixed breeds. The winners of these two categories then proceed to vie for the title of the World Ugliest dog for that particular year. The winner is then pitted against the former champion who is branded the name ring of champion. If there is one dog that held the title for a long time, then it must be SAM. SAM held the title for three years in arrow and died undefeated in the competition. SAM looked like a cross breed between a Crypt –Keeper and a Gremlin. He won the title three times in a row and by the time he died of cancer in 2005, he was still undefeated. Prior to his death, this Chinese Crested dog had suffered from numerous health complications. Apart from SAM, there are several famous dogs that have also graced the Sonoma –Marin County Fair and other dog competitions. These dogs have given their owners publicity due to their special features and quirks.

Munchkin the Mastery Mutt remains one of the most decorated and celebrated dogs in the history of dogs. Munchkin has worn a dozen of Ugly Dogs and Mutts competitions. Munchkin’s breed is indeterminable. When she walks she snorts every time. Her neck area is covered with wiry gray hair. What stands out about the hair around her neck is the fact that it sticks out on its own without a comb or any other product being used on it. Even the vets were not be able to determine her breed and they normally referred to her as Canardly. This is a name given to her because its breed can hardly be told. Munchkin is not your normal dog. She has featured on various television shows as well as print media all round the world making it one of the most decorated dogs in recent times.

Miss Ellie
Miss Ellie is the winner of the 2009 edition of the world’s ugliest dog competition at the Sonoma Marin Fair. Miss Ellie is a Chinese crested dog. She was adopted by her owners when she was seven. Her looks attracted a lot of media attention throughout the world. When she won the competition, this Southern belle was aged seventeen years old. In 2010, she again entered the competition to defend her dubious title as the ugliest dog in the world. However, Miss Ellie was not able to compete because she died at home before the end of the event.

Elwood won the 2007 version of the World’s Ugliest Dog competition. Elwood won the title aged two years. Elwood is a mixed breed of the Chinese Crested and the Chihuahua. What strikes us most about Elwood is the fact that if you give him food past midnight, he will not eat it. Elwood’s owners were very surprised about the feat Elwood achieved considering the fact that they had deemed him too ugly. They wanted to euthanize him because of his looks. However it is the same looks that this breeders wanted to euthanize him for which won $1000 and brought them public attention.

Hubble is another dog with Special Features that has been able to draw attention. When he won the British Version of the world’s ugliest dogs, he had no where to call home. Hubble was just living in a shelter in Leeds. His age was estimated to be eight years. He had been found stranded in the woods in Leeds. Hubble has strange twisted teeth and is mangy. In addition to that, his mouthful rotting played a major role in bringing him the title of the Britain’s Ugliest dog.

Rascal was born from a lineage of ugly dogs. His mother, grand father and his grandmother have all won ugly dog competitions. His grandfather is the famous Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi is a Guinness Book of Records holder .His name is in the Guinness Book of Records due to the fact that he is the dog who has won the highest number of ugly dog competitions throughout the world. Rascal is hairless and his body is covered with spots and warts all over. Just like his other relatives, he has drawn a lot of attention from around the world as one of the dogs with special features.

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