In Remembrance of Sam The World’s Ugliest Dog 2003-2005


Sam the blind Chinese crested pure- bred hairless dog won the annual Sonoma-Marin County Fair, World’s ugliest dog contest in California in 2003-2005 three times in a row. Sam’s ugliness gained him the fame and recognition of an international celebrity. His demise later became headline news on major news websites for quite some time.

Susie Lockheed, a resident of Santa Barbara, and the lucky lady owner, took in Sam as a rescue dog in 1999. Sam enjoyed his celebrity status and earned a role where he starred on Criss Angel’s Mindfreak Halloween Special in 2005 which aired on the A&E Network. Sam played “Angel’s cat” dressed up in a Halloween costume.

Sam was euthanized on November 18th, 2005 owing to heart complications, just after he had attained his 15th birthday. In remembrance of Sam, we seek to pay tribute to a dog who received much attention and focus on his looks, but unknown to many Sam was truly a successful rescue dog story of an animal. No one ever knew that Sam became adopted at the age of eight.

The Story of Sam The World’s Ugliest Dog 2003-2005

Sam’s first owner, owned Sam’s grandmother and had bred Sam and his mother too. Susie the lady who rescued Sam and later became the owner had kept some hairless dogs prior to Sam so she developed a liking to Sam and would stop to say hello, but Sam was never friendly in those times.

When the former owner lost her pet-friendly place, she could no longer house Sam. The dog had to live in the owner’s car for a while, until the owner tracked Susie and asked if she wanted him; Susie agreed and got a 48 hour approved contingency to take Sam.

Sam was snarly and unfriendly, but Susie’s heart got moved by the plight the dog was in, she decided to keep him thinking he wouldn’t last long but little did she know he would last another seven years and change her life.

Sam’s Personality

Apparently Sam was extraordinarily cranky, he never liked his leg to get touched. For Sam, that was where his imaginary friend lived. Anytime he was given a treat, he would check his back leg and then he would attack! Spinning in circles like a whirling dervish wanting to attack the imaginary friend. To get a photo of Sam all you had to do was to just touch his back leg!

Featuring Sam in the Ugliest Contest

One night Susie watched Jay Leno, who featured the winners of the ugliest contest. Susie realized that Sam could surpass all the showcased winners. In a few months, she tracked the location of the competition and enrolled Sam. His first win was a “landslide victory of mythic proportion.” The rest became history as Sam The World’s Ugliest dog 2003-2005 won three times in a row.

About the Ugliest Dog Championship

All dogs are eligible; the competition is a small, old-fashioned county fair contest which has gained recognition. It covers two divisions, pure breed and mixed dogs. The winners from the two categories go on to vie for the title of the ugliest dog that year. The winner then competes against the former World’s ugliest dog champion in the “Ring of Champions.” Sam died undefeated in this feat.

In Honour of Sam The World’s Ugliest Dog 2003-2005

Sam inspired and left a legacy for other funny looking dogs. “Pee Wee Martini” aka “Son of SAM” is another dog who got rescued by the owner from an obscure pet store, the owner said he took him in honour of Sam. Pee Wee’s owner believes he could follow in the footsteps of Sam and have quite a career.

Sam was the ambassador of underdogs and through his fame he brought out the beauty and importance of funny looking and hairless dogs. Any dog can be beautiful with a bit of professional dog grooming to make them smell great and look fantastic. Sam spread his joy throughout and showed that funny-looking dogs are devoted pets too. Sam was one celebrity dog who got to enjoy a ride in a limo, be seen on T.V and even had room service at the Beverly Wilshire ask how Sam would like his fillet cooked! How’s that for a dog and an ugly one at that? Sammie the ugliest dog we miss you!

Sam – A Special Contest Winner


The Sonoma- Marin County Fair in California USA is synonymous with the World’s ugliest dog’s competition. The competition features dogs with special features/quirks. Any dog can enter the competition. The competition is an old-fashioned county fair with two categories. The first division is the pure breed category and the second category is the mixed breeds. The winners of these two categories then proceed to vie for the title of the World Ugliest dog for that particular year. The winner is then pitted against the former champion who is branded the name ring of champion. If there is one dog that held the title for a long time, then it must be SAM. SAM held the title for three years in arrow and died undefeated in the competition. SAM looked like a cross breed between a Crypt –Keeper and a Gremlin. He won the title three times in a row and by the time he died of cancer in 2005, he was still undefeated. Prior to his death, this Chinese Crested dog had suffered from numerous health complications. Apart from SAM, there are several famous dogs that have also graced the Sonoma –Marin County Fair and other dog competitions. These dogs have given their owners publicity due to their special features and quirks.

Munchkin the Mastery Mutt remains one of the most decorated and celebrated dogs in the history of dogs. Munchkin has worn a dozen of Ugly Dogs and Mutts competitions. Munchkin’s breed is indeterminable. When she walks she snorts every time. Her neck area is covered with wiry gray hair. What stands out about the hair around her neck is the fact that it sticks out on its own without a comb or any other product being used on it. Even the vets were not be able to determine her breed and they normally referred to her as Canardly. This is a name given to her because its breed can hardly be told. Munchkin is not your normal dog. She has featured on various television shows as well as print media all round the world making it one of the most decorated dogs in recent times.

Miss Ellie
Miss Ellie is the winner of the 2009 edition of the world’s ugliest dog competition at the Sonoma Marin Fair. Miss Ellie is a Chinese crested dog. She was adopted by her owners when she was seven. Her looks attracted a lot of media attention throughout the world. When she won the competition, this Southern belle was aged seventeen years old. In 2010, she again entered the competition to defend her dubious title as the ugliest dog in the world. However, Miss Ellie was not able to compete because she died at home before the end of the event.

Elwood won the 2007 version of the World’s Ugliest Dog competition. Elwood won the title aged two years. Elwood is a mixed breed of the Chinese Crested and the Chihuahua. What strikes us most about Elwood is the fact that if you give him food past midnight, he will not eat it. Elwood’s owners were very surprised about the feat Elwood achieved considering the fact that they had deemed him too ugly. They wanted to euthanize him because of his looks. However it is the same looks that this breeders wanted to euthanize him for which won $1000 and brought them public attention.

Hubble is another dog with Special Features that has been able to draw attention. When he won the British Version of the world’s ugliest dogs, he had no where to call home. Hubble was just living in a shelter in Leeds. His age was estimated to be eight years. He had been found stranded in the woods in Leeds. Hubble has strange twisted teeth and is mangy. In addition to that, his mouthful rotting played a major role in bringing him the title of the Britain’s Ugliest dog.

Rascal was born from a lineage of ugly dogs. His mother, grand father and his grandmother have all won ugly dog competitions. His grandfather is the famous Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi is a Guinness Book of Records holder .His name is in the Guinness Book of Records due to the fact that he is the dog who has won the highest number of ugly dog competitions throughout the world. Rascal is hairless and his body is covered with spots and warts all over. Just like his other relatives, he has drawn a lot of attention from around the world as one of the dogs with special features.

Embracing Sam the Ugliest Dog

Sam and Suzie

The annual world’s ugliest dog contest is a one of a kind competition. The competition is a deviation from the normal societal practices. In a society where the focus is on the most beautiful, the most pretty and the most sophisticated, this contest brings to mind the fact there are others who may be left out. During the competition, dogs are assembled from all walks of life. From the city street to the abusive home, these dogs are appreciated as much as the others that may have the luxury of a comfortable home and good meals every day. It also seeks to understand why owners love their pets, no matter their looks.

Most of the participants have been disfigured by either natural calamities or abusive people who constantly mete out unreasonable treatment to them. Indeed, this may just be the surface of a deeper societal problem. Statistics show that there are millions of dogs across the world that live in deplorable conditions. Most of them are homeless. They therefore fend for themselves and their young ones through difficult circumstances. Organizers of these contests and indeed most people around the world would appreciate that these dogs have an inner beauty. It also seeks to understand why owners love their pets no matter what they look like through sharing their stories and their relationships.

The story of Sam is not only touching but also moving. The three time champion of the world’s ugliest dog competition was eventually euthanized on November 18, 2005 due to a heart complication. He was a blind Chinese crested hairless dog. His situation gained him fame and international attention. What makes his situation crucial is the message that every dog deserves a good life despite their physical appearance or health situation. His owner Susie Lockheed demonstrated to the whole world the essence of care and love to all dogs, not just the pretty ones that families would like to keep as pets. Indeed it is a deep reflection of why owners love their pets no matter what they look like.

Suzie began living with Sam after she had been re-diagnosed with thyroid cancer. After that she had a surgery and a long period of radioactive isolations. She shared her life with the dog during a very trying moment in her life during which she was able to develop a long lasting relationship with Sam. The dog loved her during the chemo sessions. She would sit and play with Sam during this period without feeling judged or being a bother.

Pet personalities are of great importance when trying to understand why owners love their pets no matter their looks. People spend a lot of time with their pets. Pets with good personalities are likely to attract their owners no matter what their looks are. In the story of Sam and Suzie, Suzie talks of Sam as a cranky character and the king of drama. These attributes somehow endear the dog to Suzie. His back legs were off limits and he would not allow anyone to touch them. His behaviour when one went closer to the legs was somehow fun and playful.

The 2014 ugliest dog contest was won by an amazingly charismatic Peanut. Peanut is two years old with a face one may not want to look at again and again. Her origins are unknown. The dog was presented by her owner Holly Chandler from Northern California. She represents the real face of brutality that goes on in homes and in the streets. She was injured by a fire which destroyed her lips and eyelids but has managed to recover. Because of that tragedy, she cannot close her eyes which make her eyes water all the time. In order to change the fate of other abused dogs, the owner plans to use the $1,500 prize money to pay veterinary bills for other abused dogs.

In second position was the playful Zoomer. Zoomer was adopted by Jon Adler from Saving Animals from Euthanasia. Her story is quite touching because she was a couple of minutes away from the Euthanasia table. Jon was thankful to the SAFE organization for saving her life and giving her a chance to bounce back and enjoy this year’s win.


Benefits of Adopting a Rescue Dog

Adding a new pet to your home can be one of the biggest decisions for you to make. Dogs are the most popular pets in US and other countries in the world. Dogs makes extremely wonderful companions. Deciding between a rescue dog and a new puppy is the toughest decision for you to make. If you are considering raising a puppy or dog, you should take time to reflect on what you want, the kind of commitments you are prepared to make as well as what you expect from each. To be sincere, most pet owners prefer a rescue dog, but why adopt a rescue dog?

You don’t need to train them from scratch – most adoption dogs are housebroken and have some training. Training a dog is not an easy task, it can be an expensive and time consuming activity. Dogs that have been raised for adoption are house trained – as they have been brought up in someone’s house. This will reduce stress, time and cost involved in training a puppy.

100% growth – most adoption dogs are out of the early puppy stages. Unlike a puppy which is still undergoing teething, an adoption dog will not be chewing anything within their reach, and are no longer teething. This is a good guarantee that your pet will mature and your furniture will be safe.

Behaviour and temperament are thoroughly evaluated – The greatest advantage of taking adoption dogs is that their behaviour and temperament are thoroughly evaluated by the Animal shelter and Rescue Organization prior to letting them be adopted. If a dog has behavioural problems, the dog is usually sent to an organization with in-house training, or a home that fosters dogs for training. You will get valuable information such as a dog’s personality, temperament, habits and any other helpful information that will help build a better relationship with your dog. In case your dog needs more training, or you want training on how to handle your pet better, such organizations are always available to offer such free services- only if you bought from them.


You get a happy and healthy pet – Dogs from animal shelters or rescue organizations are usually spayed or neutered and have received vaccinations as well. In an attempt to prevent unwanted animals, rescue organizations usually neuter animals. This ensures you get a healthy pet, which will remain happy in the future as it is free from common diseases.

You will have a large selection- animal shelters and pet adoption agencies have many pets. There is always a wide selection to choose from. You can search online for the pet you want by their sex, age, size and breed. This enables people who are searching for pets to do so in the comfort of their home.

You will reduce the unwanted pet population – many people are giving up their pets while too few are ready to take them. When you adopt a dog, you are actually saving a life. At times, animal shelters and rescue organizations are forced to make very hard decisions – to euthanize pets who have not been adopted. The number of euthanized pets can dramatically reduce if more people are ready to adopt dogs.

It is a common misconception that pets that end up in animal shelter or rescue organizations have been abused. This is not always the truth, in fact, most pets are given to rescue organizations or animal shelters because of personal reasons such as divorce, a move, financial constraints, and lack of time or change of personal taste.

Adopting will save your money- a pet from a rescue group or animal shelter is much less expensive than a pet from a pet store or any other source. They are housebroken and have training. This reduces the training cost. It is clear that adopted pets are much easier to train than a pet bought from a pet store.

Pets have a unique way of putting a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Apart from giving you unconditional love, they are physically and emotionally enriching. There are so many benefits of adopting a pet: you will save a life, it is inexpensive, you will get a healthy and housebroken dog and more. You shouldn’t be blinded by the common misconceptions that dogs in animal shelters or rescue organizations have been abused. They are pets that will provide fulfilment, a sense of purpose and also lessen your loneliness.


From The Ugly To The Beautiful

Nature intended all dogs to be beautiful, but not all dogs are cute to everyone. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Though dogs are believed to be descendants of the wild wolves there are some breeds that are undeniably beautiful, stunning and gorgeous. Yes, some dogs are irresistibly adorable and cute creatures that give us unconditional love. There are many different breeds of dogs and hence when deciding the most beautiful ones we have to take into consideration their appearance (fur, hair and eyes) and temperament also. Let us in this article discuss a list of the most beautiful, cute and adorable dogs that take our breath away.

The world’s most beautiful dogs:

1. Siberian husky: The Siberian husky is touted as one of the most beautiful and gracious dog breeds in the world. This beautiful dog breed has a thick coat that comes in a wide array of colours and markings. In addition to fantastic colours and patterns these dogs have different eye coloration and striking facial masks that add to the appeal of this breed. No wonder their eye-catching looks and awe-inspiring talents have captured the imagination of the masses.

2. Yorkshire terrier: This breed is a beautiful, sociable and hyper-sophisticated small, toy sized dog. With its elegant looks and exceptional devotion to their owners they have won many fans. With a perfect combination of charismatic looks and intelligence, they are one of the popular breeds in the U.S. This breed is glamorous but feisty and makes a loving companion.

3. Chow-chow: This distinctive-looking breed is cute and cuddly with a majestic attitude. He is a loyal, cuddle buddy and very devoted to the family members. They come in different colours of which the reddish-brown is the cutest. No wonder it is touted as a true masterpiece of dignity and beauty. It is arguably one of the most admirable and charming breeds in the world.

4. Bischon Frise: This small breed is a wonderful addition to any family. It grows up to 30 centimetres and weighs five to ten kilograms only. With a happy-go-lucky attitude it loves to play with kids. This cheerful and small dog has a dark-eyed inquisitive expression and a plumed tail that it carries happily over its back.

5. Pomeranian: This is the cutest pet for humans and affectionately nick-named as the Pompom. Pomeranian dogs are known for their exciting personalities. They are indeed bouncy, lively, adorable and truly intelligent. Pomeranians are little dogs with big personalities. Queen Victoria owned one Pomeranian pup after which its popularity grew across the globe.

6. Labrador retriever: This amicable and sociable companion is the favourite dog of many families. These pretty dogs are brown, black or cream coloured. They are intelligent and friendly and have captured the hearts of millions of dog lovers across the world. They are reliable, willing and highly compatible with children and families. They love activity and expect a lot of attention.

7. Golden retriever: Golden retrievers are versatile, friendly, intelligent and incredibly beautiful dogs. No wonder they are extravagantly boasted as a dog with beauty and brains. Their friendly and tolerant nature makes them fabulous family pets. In short it is a beautiful looking dog which is extremely smart and energetic.

8. Bull dog: This is one of the most charming and jovial dogs that you will ever find. They are completely devoted and thrive on attention and love. This sweet, adorable clownish looking dog chooses a particular person and tends to stick to him/her. This fascinating short-faced breed is dignified, adorable and is a loyal companion, especially to children.

9. Great Dane: Though huge in size this breed is a friendly dog with a loving nature. This gentle giant is a very sensitive animal. They are so very sensitive that even speaking in a wrong tone can leave them very upset. It is a majestic, loyal and beautiful looking dog with a big boxy head. They are graceful, strong and powerful and make wonderful family pets. They are often called as miniature horses.

10. Saint Bernard: This dog has been a favourite breed, especially in the United States. They move around well with kids and they are described as enormous looking teddy bears. They are also touted to be highly intelligent. Yes, there are rumors that they can even smell an impending avalanche.


The most beautiful dogs in the world are incredibly charming, cute, gorgeous and lovely. Yes, these dogs are undeniably adorable and wonderful pets.

The Chinese Crested Hairless Dog

Chinese Crested

There are so many types of dog breeds around and among the most common ones is the Chinese Crested Hairless Dog. These dogs will relatively be able to read your mind and they can lie in bed for quite a long time without moving. They are less outgoing, but they have an athletic physique that enables them to jump over a tall fence. They will bond easily and quickly within their group, but they tend to be less gregarious. They will also not accept any stranger easily, but when they are used to you, they will be fully devoted to you entirely. The standard height of this breed of dogs is around 11 – 13 inches, whether male or female, and they will weigh a maximum of 12 pounds.

• Loving: One major personality of the crested hairless dog is that they are typically happy and alert. They always love to kiss and snuggle on your lap. Once the dog loves you, you will be his best friend and by that, he will stick to you always.
• Stubborn: They are usually persistent, especially if they realize a stranger around. Since they are naturally doubtful of strangers, they will tend to be relentlessly restless. They could bark at strangers and even bite them, but a well trained dog should not bite.
• Sensitive/Protective: The dog knows his duty, which is more of guarding his master. For that, he will typically bark at strangers or if he senses a burglar around. Some will sing or howl when they notice the stranger, nevertheless, they are not extra yappy.

The Health Issues
These dogs are normally healthy, however, they are prone to a number of health conditions, but it is not a must that they all must get such a disease. Some of the most common health issues related to the dog include the following;
• Dental Problems: The genetic link in these hairless breeds will lead to a number of teeth missing. They have tiny teeth that look pegged and they might tilt towards the front, which could cause some problems. They tend to lose a lot of teeth by the time they are 2 or 3 years, which make some to need canned food, due to the lack of teeth.
• PRA – Progressive Retinal Atrophy: This is an eye disease that destroys the retina. When the disease is still developing, the dogs with the problem might experience night blindness. However, they will gradually lose their sight during the day as the disease gets more concentrated. If they are left in the same environment, they will adapt to their blindness.
• Legg-Calve Perhes Disease: This disease affects the hip joint. In such a condition, there will be a reduction in the supply of blood to the large bone of the hind leg (femur). By that, the femur head will slowly split up from the pelvis. The dog may start limping in the early stages due to the withering of the leg muscle. This will occur mostly when the puppy is between 4 and 6 months, however, the condition can be fixed by surgery.

Caring For The Breed
The dog will need less exercise as he is not such a good companion for jogging. However, he needs to have good mental stimulation. He could enjoy some toys and puzzles created for dogs, in order to keep him active.

They are also easy to train, however, they can be stubborn during the training process, which calls for your patience. The main procedure is developing positive reinforcement; you will also need to correct him sensitively in order to encourage him.

It would be best if you found a collection of small dogs in order to boost the socializing aspect of the dog. If he is left to play with larger dogs, he might be injured in the event. When feeding the dog, it is recommended to give him about ¼ to 1 cup of good, dry food daily, typically twice a day. The amount of food that he will eat will depend on his size, build, age, metabolism and level of activity. Always feed the dog with a standard measure of food twice every day in order to maintain his shape.

These Chinese Crested hairless dogs are great to keep as they tend to be very attached to you, when they finally come to love you. They will also ensure that you are guarded well by barking whenever they see a stranger, though this might be annoying sometimes, but they really are great dogs.

10 Most Famous Celebrity Dogs

Dogs are known for their faithfulness and companionship. These docile creatures will go out of their way just to protect their “master”. This is basically why they are referred to as “man’s best friend.” However, not all dogs are the same. Some dogs have attained a celebrity status that even an ordinary person simply admires. The following is the list of the top famous celebrity dogs:

1. Bo –“the first dog”

Just like we have the president, the first family and the first lady, we also have the “first dog.” His name is BO. The Portuguese water dog belongs to the first family “The Obama’s.” The dog was a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy to the President of the United States. Bo who’s valued at $ 1,600 has been featured in four published books.

2. Susan – The Queen’s Corgi

The British Royal Family is celebrated worldwide. Corgis have always been considered the royal dog. In 1944, Queen Elizabeth II was presented with a corgi known as “Susan.” The dog has sired many generations of corgis to date. The dogs have their special rooms and feast on meals that are simply “royal.” These include poached rabbit or chicken, chuck steak and more.


3. Sophie –Oprah Winfrey

Oprah the celebrated queen of talk shows once owned a Cocker Spaniel named Sophie. She owned the small dog for 13 years and often stated that the dog gave her inspiration to become a better person. Since her death, Oprah has owned a couple of dogs and regularly runs posts and updates about them.

4. Tinkerbell- Paris Hilton

Many people may recall the $ 5,000 cash reward that was offered for the return of “Tinkerbell” after a house burglary. Tinkerbell is a Teacup Chihuahua owned by socialite and the heiress of the Hilton chain of hotels, Paris Hilton. The miniature dog has featured in many television channels such as “The Simple Life” as well as a parody titled “The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries.” The dog has also been the inspiration behind the “Little Lily” clothing line.


5. Daisy – Jessica Simpson

Also making the list of the top 10 famous celebrity dogs is “Daisy.” The Maltese Poodle is owned by the American musical sensation, Jessica Simpson. The dog has appeared on stage along the musician a couple of times. Daisy also featured in the reality TV programme, “Newlyweds.” Occasionally, the dog would be carried in a Louis Vuitton carrier.

6. Arthur –Sir Elton John

Arthur is a Cocker Spaniel owned by celebrated British musician and song writer, Sir Elton John. The dog was constantly in the arms of his master when on the red carpet. In fact, Arthur was the “best man/dog” during Elton’s wedding in 2005 to David Furnish, a filmmaker. The dog made special appearance in “The Captain and the Kid” music album.

7. The William Sisters Dogs

Sensational American tennis players are well known for bringing their dogs to their tennis matches. Venus and Serena who have won several championships and at some point been ranked the best in the world have owned several breeds. Venus has owned a Havanese and Cavalier King Charles spaniel, while Serena owns a Maltese and Jack Russell terrier (Serena).

8. Jack –Mariah Carey

Jack is best remembered for being the dog that was restricted from flying first class. The Jack Russell terrier belongs to American songstress, Mariah Carey.” The dog has featured in many music videos shot by the musician. These include “All I want for Christmas is you” and “Dreamlover.” Jack also appeared in “Glitter” the movie.


9. Bit Bit – Britney Spears

Bit Bit is a Chihuahua owned by celebrated musician, Britney Spears. The dog rose to fame in 2004 when the miniature dog made a stage appearance wearing a diamond-encrusted dog collar. The value was estimated to be $ 100,000 at the time. Bit Bit was also a pacesetter when it came to dog dressing.


10. Sid and Nancy –Jessica Alba

American actress, Jessica Alba has owned several dogs. However, Sid and Nancy are the most celebrated dogs she has ever owned. The two pugs accompany her to many events. These include shooting movies, shopping, or simply a walk in the streets. The dogs enjoy privileges such as having a designer lawn and special rooms just for their comfort.


There you have it. The list of the most celebrated dogs. From the above observation, it is clear that achieving celebrity status is not only a human thing; it also holds a special place in a dog’s life. And if the trends in the last few years are anything to go with, we are yet to see the last of famous celebrity dogs.