The Ugliest Dog!

Sam, unofficially the “Ugliest Dog Ever, from Santa Barbara, California brought increased fame and recognition to the Sonoma-Marin County Fair World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. With a long history, the contest was already very popular, but with the 3 consecutive wins (2003-2005) by Sam and his undeniable “ugliness” and unique characteristics the event has become more popular to the point where it is being covered on television and the Internet and has made owning an ugly dog cool.

Winners of this award today receive cash prizes, trophies and often find themselves in position to make public appearances of all types from local venues to national programs. National media outlets cover the events and take special note of the winners and their life stories.

Additionally, because most of the winners of World’s Ugliest Dog Contest (last 7 in a row) are either purebred Chinese Crested or Chinese Crested mixed with Chihuahua, this breed has grown in interest and more people are looking for information on the breed and its origins.

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