Three-Time Winner

Probably the most famous and well-publicized Worlds Ugliest Dog was the 2003-2005 winner Sam. Sam was a purebred hairless Chinese Crested owned by Susie Lockheed of Santa Barbara, CA. He was taken in initially as a temporary rescue and was considered un-adoptable by most standards due to his age, looks and temperment. However after several days in a cage and being somewhat re-socialized, Sam was released from his cage and became on of the pack of other hairless dogs that Susie Lockheed owned. Unfortunately, Sam was euthanized in November 2005 at nearly 15 years of age due to heart failure. Sam was unofficially dubbed as the “Ugliest Dog Ever”.

Sam became an Internet celebrity with articles and pictures about him posted all over the web. He made appearances on TV shows, radio programs, newspapers and even made an appearance on the Carson Daly show with Donald Trump and with Criss Angel on his show Mind Freak on A&E.

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